Authorities indicated recently that a man from the state of California jumped off of an Arizona cliff while he was wing-suit flying. Now why would someone do something so daring, you may ask? It is said that the man was a professional wing suit flier.



The Deceased

The name of the deceased is Matthew Kenney and he was only 29 years. He was from Santa Cruz. The Sheriff’s Office in Coconino County indicated that a plan was being devised to recover the victim’s body. The body is said to be trapped 600 feet below in a crevice where he had jumped in the rocky and deserted landscape, which is difficult to navigate. Matthew Kenney, during his jump, hit a wall, but according to investigators, there is no real idea of the details of how this took place.



The Recovery

Once the body is recovered, authorities will be able to assess the equipment that he used for the jump. It is noted that the steep terrain on the top of the walls of the canyon, in addition to ice patches did not allow the helicopter to land appropriately in order to retrieve the victim’s body.



Wing Suit Flying

What is wing suit flying, you may ask? It is an extreme sport, one that involves BASE jumping. The acronym BASE indicates the various platforms used for jumping and this includes building, antenna, span and earth. The experience to a bystander may look frightening as the person glides in close proximity to trees and cliffs in a suit that looks like a flying squirrel. In most national parks, this extreme sport of wing suit flying is illegal. However, this is not the case in wilderness areas where the victim made the jump to his death.



The Close Friend

Matt Frohlich is one of the victim’s closest friends and he indicated that his friend was experienced at jumping and particular talented. He had travelled the world to indulge in his pastime. Frohlich said that he was pleased about the respect shown to his friend and the family members as well as the professionalism displayed by authorities. According to Kenny’s friend, the community experienced a major and sad loss at this unfortunate incident.



The Interview

From an interview given by the victim on Phoenix KPHO television in early 2015, it is said that he explained how nervous and anxious he would be during each of his BASE jumping. He indicated that he and a skydiving trainer had spent a night in lockup and charged for trespassing when they jumped from an apartment complex roof. Kenny told the television station interviewer that wing suit fliers get a bad reputation for what they do because of a lack of understanding from the public. He said that people thought that wing suit fliers were crazy and were only looking for an adrenaline rush all the time by jumping off precarious cliffs in primeval parachute equipment. For Kenny and others, he said it was cool, and if done properly, could be fun. Other people thought differently.