It is always fun going out looking for the perfect Christmas tree. Some prefer their trees fat and full. Others perfect them tall and lean. Dragging it into the house, getting the green prickly needles all over the floor, the smell of the tree really gets everybody into the spirit. Though I have not decorated a Christmas tree in ages, when I look at other people's shining, brightly decorated trees, all I can think about it is the tedious work to take each one of those ornaments off the branches. I try hard not to get tangled in the lights, and getting glittery stuff all over the floor and me.

Then it is time to drag the heavy tree out to the dumpster. It is for this reason and this reason alone that many people do not bother to put up a Christmas tree. I remember my mother bought an artificial year one year and we did not bother to remove the decorations when we put the tree in storage. When we pulled it out the following Christmas, it was already decorated. It was great!

Arizona, however, has a rental truck that drives around searching for residents who have not recycled their Christmas tree yet. Many are waiting until after the New Year to take their Christmas tree down. I myself have always considered people who wait until the first week of January to have a serious case of procrastination. Trees can also be dropped off free of charge as another option or to make your life easier.

Recycling our trees will help the environment. If you plan on hauling your neighbor's tree, too, save yourself the energy because the service will only take one tree.

According to Channel 5 News, the locations listed below are assisting with trees until January 2nd 9:00AM to 4:00PM:

4050 East Indian School Rd.

15634 N. 32nd St.

1313 E. Baseline Rd.

803 E. Van Buren

Glendale is urging its residents to take their Christmas tree to one of several locations - Acoma Park on 53rd Avenue, Foothills Park on Union Hills, and Sahuaro Ranch Park on 63rd Avenue.

Please remembering to strip the tree of light and decorations before dropping the tree off, these locations are welcoming trees as well, O'Neil Park at 64th Avenue and also Rose Lane Park on 51st Avenue are accepting Christmas trees. Please remember to take the lights and decorations from the tree before dropping it off.


The Recycle Phoenix Festival at Spectrum Mall is opening their doors for trees as well. Good news for those who have thrown their hands up exhausted from the festivities, they are willing to accept trees with lights and fully decorated, too.


The state of Arizona is thinking ahead of its residents and for its residents. They understand the holidays can drain you, but they will be more than happy for you to unload your tree properly to be recycled for the environment and you will not have to be concerned with what to do with it.

Next year just get an artificial tree and call it a day.