Many restaurants are taking the concept of eating on the go, basically fast food with a twist and adding their own spin on it.  A restaurant in Tucson has just opened up that is taking that to the next level.

The restaurant is called Cup It Up American Grill and it is on 1101 N. Wilmot Road right by the East Speedway. The restaurant was opened on January 13th and creates its meals and puts them in a 32-ounce cup that can be customized by the customer.

This is done in a similar method to the way that Chipotle and Subway go about making their food right in front of the customers as they pick it out and make their own creation.


 Steps Being Taken

There are four steps in the process of making the food. The entrée begins with grilled chicken, shrimp or pulled pork and ribs. The price ranges from either $7.95 to $9.95. After that the customer continues on the base of the meal, which is either brown or white rice, quinoa, barley and kale, romaine or spinach.

The owner of the restaurant and Chef named Julian Alacorn says people enjoy the grilled green vegetables. After that the next step consists of different types of vegetables that can either be chilled or grilled.

The fourth and final step is things like avocado, seeds, nuts and foods known for their high nutritional value. At the end of all of this the top of everything can be dipped in a specialty sauce as they make a zesty tasting condiment.

Alarcon also mentioned that they have a special blend of mac of cheese that is very popular with their customers, including both the parents and the kids.

Cup it Up was conceptualized by Christopher Smith and Jay Warren. When they were out golfing they would usually have their food put into a cup and then they brought in Alarcon who was a veteran Chef that had worked with multiple golf courses and resorts in the kitchens.

The three of them came up with a menu and began to push the idea out from just talk and made it a reality. Cup It Up also serves salad with a mix of all different types of vegetables for around $7.

 The restaurant is open from 11 am to 7 pm and opened from Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays.

The one restaurant they have right now is the first planned in a series of expansions throughout the local Tucson area. There are also plans to get into the Arizona Stadium at the University of Arizona in the fall.  The plan of their designs they said was to be able to fit into large places with a lot of volume, that is different sports stadiums or malls.

The restaurant knows what they are doing and it wouldn’t be surprising to see them become more than just a couple chain restaurant and expand nationwide one day keeping up with major staple companies like Chipotle.